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The Ulric Digital Marketing opportunity would suit:

  • Someone looking to develop an instant and residual monthly income
  • Someone looking for a career change.
  • A person who has been made redundant.
  • Someone in employment who wants/needs to do something more productive
  • People who want an extra income.
  • Someone who prefers to work from home and pick their own hours.
  • A marketing business in a related field that wants to expand their products or services.
  • A person who wants to build a financially secure future for themselves & their family.
  • A person with an interest in the internet that would like to make a fantastic living out of it.



With Ulric Digital Marketing you can operate your business…

  • Part-time– to generate some extra income for your family or top up your pension
  • Full-time– as your main source of income
  • Entrepreneur– Build a substantial marketing company that will give you financial independence.
  • Or because you have a love for the internet and want to run your own business doing something you enjoy.



Ulric Digital Marketing is operated by Ulric Digital Ltd, we are experts in online marketing & will provide you with…

  • A comprehensive digital marketing agency program
  • The use of the very latest online & off page optimisation strategies
  • Training & support on our product portfolio
  • Ongoing help & guidance designed to assist you in growing your business
  • A proven marketing program created from our 20 years of successful trading




What the Ulric Digital Marketing opportunity offers:

  • Exclusive territory/area
  • Personalised website, email, phone number & social media channels
  • Branded, business cards, leaflets, business forms
  • Training on our products, strategies & software
  • Ongoing support, guidance & training
  • Regular marketing help using tried & proven methods
  • Regular industry updates and developments
  • An unlimited earning potential


In return for a low cost investment we offer you the chance to build and sustain a secure lucrative long term business that could provide you with the financial freedom you have been waiting for. Monthly payment options are available.




Income in any small business is determined by what you put in equals what you get out.  If you are prepared to work hard and put significant effort in during the first 12 months of owning a franchise, your income will benefit from three key revenue streams;


Instant revenue – People who need a website will incur “one off build costs” you receive 50% of all revenue generated in web build fees.  People needing SEO or a social media or a Google ads campaign you charge a campaign set up fee.  Again you get 50% of this fee.


Residual Revenue – Once you secure a customer, they will inevitably need some products which generate continuous income for you.  Things like hosting fees, email management fees, SSL, anti-virus domain names, paid promotion commission.


Additional marketing services Revenue –  Additional elements to digital are things like video and blog content.  Additionally, there is of course, offline marketing services that can be offered, logos, branding, signage, business cards and letterheads.


Whether you are looking to work part time or full time an Ulric Digital franchise can fit in whatever your requirements.  As an example we have franchisees who just want to generate an extra £1,000 per month to assist with paying their mortgage or adding to other business interests they have. Whereas there are others who currently earn in excess of £5,000 per month. With Ulric you can decide on the level of income you want to earn.




An Ulric Digital franchise is an opportunity to create financial and job security for you and your family.  Whether this will be your only income stream or you will continue to have a an existing full or part time job the income generated can ensure that whatever happens in the future you will have created a new and consistent revenue stream for yourself.  If your goal is to earn an extra income or give up full time employment, achieve a better future, do something you can be proud of and be the owner of your own lucrative business then fill out the contact form on this page to find out how an Ulric Digital franchise can help you achieve this.





This franchise opportunity is no different for any other type of franchise.  You get out what you put in.  Depending on what you want out of it this allows you to work whenever and wherever you like, using the very latest digital technology you can work from home, your favourite coffee shop, in the garden or by the beach all you need is an internet connection and a mobile phone.  If you need this to fit in with another job or a busy family life It really is the pinnacle of flexible working.




Working and financial freedom, for some is all they want and need.  An Ulric Digital franchise gives you this option. Ultimately, it is your business, you’re in charge; you make your own decisions daily to achieve the financial and personal ambitions you want or need. As with all good things, it comes to those that wait and who work hard. Running a business is hard work, however, with a positive mind-set and dedicated approach and use the advice shared you have a great chance of achieving your working and financial goals.


Quality of Life


Much like the working and financial freedom, a franchise gives you the opportunity to prioritise the order of yours and your families’ lives.  If the family needs your input for whatever reason you have the ability to do that. If you have ever had one of those stressful days where you have felt that your feet haven’t touched the floor because of your job, the house and kids need sorting and feeding, plus the dog needs waking!  The list goes on.  A franchise can take this away, so you can work when you want to; fit your franchise Ulricities around your family and leisure commitments and make more out of life! When considering if an Ulric Digital franchise will work for you it is important you consider your personal situation and what time you have available. Like everything in life the more you put in the more you take out.


Support team, programs & strategies


With Ulric Digital Marketing you receive access to our web design team and the very latest SEO updates and working, social and digital media strategies and our email marketing programs. Our website build teams have been developed to speed up the process of building websites enabling you to focus on developing more revenue opportunities and spending more time growing your business. Your client’s SEO, social & digital media strategies are managed by our experts meaning all you have to do is give your clients their reports which again allows you the opportunity to build a solid professional business relationship with your customer. We will thoroughly train you on how we build the sites and what to look for in terms of statistics and key indicators.  We will also provide you with guides to the SEO and social media work performed on your client websites and we will be on hand to assist you further. Ulric Digital keeps all the processes and products simple therefore we recommend you don’t over-complicate the websites you produce.


Back office support

As an Ulric Digital franchisee, you will receive FULL support from the team at Ulric head office from technical advice through to sales and customer service.



There has been an upsurge of unscrupulous individuals and businesses operating in the digital marketing sector.  Inevitably this means there are lots of “rogue traders” out there in web marketing and design! There are common stories of people quoting a modest £5-600 for a website and then the final bill coming out at over £3,000.  There are also many stories of low value SEO being undertaken on websites at high costs. Our business model puts the customer’s worries to rest by offering a clear and transparent pricing structure that is easy to follow & understand by offering affordable, fixed price websites & SEO strategies to businesses across the UK and we explain the benefits of these services in a language the business owner understands.